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每月只需65起 & 全面线上服务!


Swisscare 独特设计开发了瑞士法律和瑞士大使馆认可的健康保险方案,为针对外国留学生,实习生和互惠生提供有竞争力的价格和优质的服务。这项保险计划已经在市场上活跃了12年之久,是市场上领先的解决方案。


许多瑞士公立大学,应用技术学校和私人学校都使用并推荐SWISSCARE STUDENTPASS




  • 在抵达瑞士前或在瑞士境内,您只需几分钟,就可以轻松上网申请保险
  • 保险合同立即交付,无需立即付款
  • 保险账单将通过电子邮件发送
  • SWISSCARE STUDENTPASS 保险可以用于申请瑞士入境签证
  • 若入境签证被拒绝,保险合同可以被取消





  • 无限保险金额
  • 疾病与意外
  • 住院治疗
  • 门诊治疗
  • 处方用药
  • 怀孕和分娩
  • 全科医生和专科医生
  • 援助
  • 全球急救服务






感谢SWISSCARE STUDENTPASS, 您将被ERV, 瑞士第三大保险公司Helvetia集团下属保险公司保险,为您提供全面必需的保障。





  • 只能得到部分的索赔
  • 您的索赔会被拒绝
  • 您的保险合同可能由于索赔问题被终止
  • 您会面临严重的财务问题



Health insurance in Switzerland


You might already know that, it is mandatory for each single person who lives in Switzerland more than 3 months to have a basic health insurance according to the Health Insurance Act, which is based on the principle of solidarity. The name of this insurance scheme is KVG-LAMal.


A Swiss basic health insurance could cost from CHF 200 up to CHF 400 per month, depending on the annual deductible you choose and the region you live.


Foreign students, interns and au pairs who live temporarily in Switzerland for a duration from 3 months up to 6 years, can be exempted (waiver) from the basic health insurance KVG-LAMal. The exemption is only accepted if they can proof that they have an equivalent health insurance.


SWISSCARE Studentpass Switzerland
from only CHF 65 / month

and full online


SWISSCARE has developed a health insurance solution recognized by the Swiss law and Swiss embassies. This plan has been one of the leading solution on the market for more than 12 years.


Swiss universities, technical schools and other private schools do recommended SWISSCARE Studentpass Switzerland.


From only CHF 65 / month, you can be insured in accordance with the Swiss law KVG-LAMal.


  • Apply online which takes only few minutes before or after arrival in Switzerland
  • The policy is delivered instantly without any immediate premium payment
  • The premium invoice will be sent by email within 48 hours after the application
  • The policy is valid for obtaining an entry visa and for the authorities
  • Cancellation can be requested in case of entry visa refusal



SWISSCARE Studentpass Switzerland, access to the standard Swiss insurance coverage based on the KVG-LAMal (Swiss national health insurance scheme)


  • Unlimited insurance sum
  • Sickness & accident
  • In-patient treatments
  • Out-patient treatments
  • Prescribed medication
  • Maternity & delivery
  • General practitioners & specialists
  • Assistance
  • Worldwide emergency cover


The full benefit list can be downloaded at


SWISSCARE Studentpass Switzerland, a Swiss company with a medical network


With Swisscare Studentpass Switzerland, you will be insured under ERV, Group Helvetia, the third biggest insurance group in Switzerland with all necessary guarantees.


SWISSCARE Studentpass Switzerland, no medical questionnaire.


Never choose a company which request for a medical questionnaire. Otherwise, you could face the following problems :


  • Your claims will be partially refunded
  • Your claims will be rejected
  • Your contract can be terminated due to claims issues
  • You could face important financial problems



Get your insurance online on


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