‘China- A World Power Comes Back’ —-A Winter Event by Chinese Association of Finance Professionals in Switzerland

On 24 November, 2013, Chinese Association of Finance Professionals in Switzerland (CAFPS) organized a special winter event at ETH Alumni Pavilion GEP. The Educational Counselor from Chinese Embassy Ms. Sun Ling, the President of Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland Dr. Feng Jianhua, and the invited guests as well as almost one hundred of members participated in this event.

The 9th CASTS General Assembly held in Swiss Capital Bern —–The Chinese Ambassador Madam Xu Jinghu congratulated on the meeting’s success

The Chinese Association of Science of Technology Switzerland (CASTS) successfully held its 9th General Assembly on September 29, 2013 in Swiss capital Bern. The Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland Madam Xu Jinghu attended and congratulated on the meeting. Other distinguished guests included Ms. Sun Ling (the Educational Counselor), Mr. Cai Fangcai (the Commercial Counselor), Dr. Florin Müller (the Deputy Director of Innovation Division of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation/SERI), Dr. Jean-Luc Barras (the head of International Cooperation Division from the Swiss National Science Foundation/SNSF), Dr. Zhao Houlin (the Deputy Secretary-General of ITU/the United Nations) and more than 150 members of CASTS participated in the event.

Assistent/in der Geschäftsführung 80%-100%

Zu Beginn keine Führungsverantwortung, jedoch Verantwortung für die gesamte Büro-Organisation (Ablage / Archiv / Standard-Dokumente, Standard-Prozesse, etc…). Mit dem Wachstum der Firma werden in Zukunft (ca. 2014-2015) auch Führungsstellen geschaffen werden. Bei Eignung ist es möglicherweise wünschenswert dass der/die Kandidat/in zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt eine Führungs-Verantwortung über einige Mitarbeiter übernimmt.


Tianjin University invites applications for full-time professorship, covering engineering, natural science, management, pedagogy and some newly emerging inter-discipline. Applicants with research background of multi-disciplinary and non-traditional approach are highly expected.

CASTS held Opening Introduction to 2013“Chunhui Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Chinese Overseas Students

Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS), Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Lausanne (CSSA Lausanne) and Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Zurich (CSSA in Zurich) successfully held two seminars in Lausanne on May 18 and in Zurich on May 26, 2013 to introduce “Chunhui Cup” Oversea Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurial Contest to Chinese students and scholars in Switzerland and encourage them to participate the contest of this year (the 8th). A large number of overseas students and scholars who aspire to serve their motherland and plan to take “Chunhui Cup” contest as the first step towards entrepreneurship attended the meeting.

The inaugural meeting of Chinese Association of Materials Science and Technology in Switzerland (CAMSTS) was sucessfully held in Zurich

On the afternoon of March 16, 2013, the inaugural meeting of Chinese Association of Materials Science and Technology in Switzerland (CAMSTS) was held in the main building of ETH Zurich. The educational counsellor Ms. Sun Ling and the secondly secretary Mr. Liu Yuebin from the office of educational affairs of Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, the President of Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS) Dr. Feng Jianhua as well as representatives from other divisions of CASTS, and more than 80 Chinese scholars from all over Switzerland attended the meeting.

Nanjing 321 plan

During the next National Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, Nanjing focuses on “talents as the primary resources, education as the primary foundation, science as the primary productivity, and innovation as the primary driving-force”, chooses a pathway that is based on innovation, internal development, and environmental sustainability, and implements the key measures of “inviting the technical and managing talents to lead the development, building techno park and other infrastructure to support them”. The City Council has made a suite of plans to attract high tech talents by building techno parks and provide supportive measures. We have initiated the Nanjing 321 Strategy which is designed to attract 3000 Leading Entrepreneurial and High-tech Talents, promote 200 High-tech Entrepreneurs, and gather 100 Start-up Winners of “the Recruitment Program of Global Experts” within five years.

China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge – 21世纪中英创业计划大赛

The China-UK Entrepreneurship Competition aims to encourage new business ventures between China and the United Kingdom and is intended to simulate the real-world process of entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from early-stage investors and venture capital firms. The competition is part of the PMI2 (Prime Minister Initiative II) Connect project, supported by British Council and the Confucius Institute programme funded by Hanban.